Realistic “resolutions” for 2022

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After the past few years, it seems easy to be so hard on ourselves… but it shouldn’t be that way at all. The world may feel like it’s been flipped upside down (a few times), and life lately hasn’t been a cake walk for most.

It’s about that time of year you start hearing everyone’s resolutions. Statistics show that only 8-12% of people stick to those resolutions—it’s pretty much a running joke in society nowadays that nobody fully sticks to their resolutions… which is why we present to you; ways to go into the new year with a positive (and realistic) mindset♡

1. Set attainable goals. By attainable, we mean realistic and achievable! These smaller attainable goals will catapult you toward reaching all of your bigger goals. So often, we hear of these grand (yet vague) resolutions such as; “I want to be healthy”, or “I want to be a better person”, but are then left with disappointment as the small measurable goals in between reaching those larger goals aren’t set. If you want to “be healthy”, start off small! Maybe go for a walk a few times a week, or learn some new recipes that fuel you and make you feel good. If you want to “be a better person” what areas do you need to work on to improve? Is daily meditation or reading a book something that will help ease your stress and make you be more patient? All these little things make a big difference, what you do (no matter how small) matters!

2. Remember, punishment is less powerful than positive reinforcement! If you don’t reach a goal by the first month, don’t be so hard on yourself. Keep pushing on! Negative reinforcement will only set you back. It’s the positive thought process that will continue to push you in the right direction!

3. Celebrate all the little victories. Those little victories can simply be making your bed every morning, or staying calm in situations where you normally would have road rage LOL. Even scheduling a self-care day twice a month, or learning a new recipe—these little things that fuel who you are/who you want to be, celebrate them fully! Go get yourself a glass of wine, and get a facial! (BTW, Bronzed offers complimentary wine with services- we have Pinot & Cab ;))

4. You are the expert! Don’t compare yourself to others and their progress and journeys. You may be comparing what is your chapter 3 to someone else’s chapter 15…. It’s not a race or a competition with anybody else, this is YOUR journey :)

5. Word of advice from a salon that is alllll about self-care; treat yourself! Whether it be for celebrating your little victories, or for unwinding and being pampered, don’t forget to book regular self-care appointments. We offer services from skincare to hair removal—all to keep you feeling your best! Dedicating time each month to yourself is a lovely habit to start if you haven’t already!

6. Tip: Find new hobbies! Use this new year as an opportunity to keep finding yourself. This can be through trying a new craft, grabbing your bestie and signing up for a cooking class, joining a yoga class, the list goes on and on! If you feel stuck in your current environment, that just means it’s time to switch things up/try new things. There is so much this world has to offer—try something every once in a while that’s out of your routine :)

7. Reflect on the negative feedback loop…what is causing it? How can you avoid it? Accept your failures, and even celebrate them! Everything comes with a learning curve, which only promotes growth as individuals. A growth mindset is proven to get you further, don’t give up after facing obstacles!

Keep in mind that a new year doesn’t mean you’re starting your life over from scratch. Try to view this upcoming new year as a continuation of the progress you’ve already made. The things you want to achieve this year- you’ve probably already been doing the work for! This new year doesn't need to be square one, just try positively reinforcing those behaviors you’ve already accomplished + further them :)

2022 can be an opportunity to get back on track with the progress you've already made—keep pushing on, you got this!!

As always, we can’t wait to treat you!

XO, Bronzed

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