Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure of how to prep for your appointment or what to expect? Find answers to your most commonly asked questions by scrolling below.

General FAQs

Below are some helpful Q & A's to read before coming to Bronzed.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel or reschedule within 24 hrs before your appointment, you will be charged 50% of your booked services. If you cancel or reschedule within FOUR (4) hrs of your appointment OR no-show, you will be charged 100% of your service. If you need to cancel or reschedule outside of salon hours within your 24-hr period, it will be considered a same-day cancellation.

What is your late policy

If you are running late, Bronzed reserves the right to change the appointment to fit the time remaining OR decline the service.  It will cut your appointment time if we can still accommodate you. You will be charged 100% of the service if we cannot see you.

Do you offer urgent appointments?

We will do our best to accommodate any last-minute appointment requests, but cannot guarantee openings.

Do you have parking?

Bronzed Downtown Denver is the gray Victorian house with our sign out front! We have free parking directly behind the house that can be accessed via the alley or parking lots next to us. We cannot guarantee availability. If our lot is full, there is metered street parking.

Bronzed Colorado Springs has free parking in its lot. If the lot is full, there is street parking.

Can minors come in for services?

Yes! Clients must be over 16 to receive a Brazilian service. Clients under the age of 18 require a parent/guardian present at the time of the waiver signing.

Do you offer memberships?

Yes! Monthly memberships are a great way to maintain services at a discounted rate. You also receive 10% off all retail items and 10% off your non-membership services!  There are no sign-up or cancellation fees.

Tanning FAQs

Every body is a Bronzed body. 

What is the difference between standard and express?

Really, the only difference is shower time. Your Airbrush Tanning Artist will give you a specific showering time for the Express (anywhere in between 2-5 hours depending on how dark you'd like to be). The Standard has an 8 hour+ showering time; 8 hours being the shortest time you can wait to shower. Both solutions have the ability to be as light or as dark as you desire. They also both last the same amount of time. Both express and standard take 8 hours to fully develop.

How should I prepare for my tan?

We highly recommend that you shower and shave one day prior to your tanning session. A glycerin soap is most ideal because it tends to leave the least amount of residue on your skin. (On the other hand, oil-based soaps should be avoided.) Exfoliating is very important because it will help your tan last longer. The best way to do this is to use a sugar scrub in combination with exfoliating gloves (available at our salons). It is also important to schedule your manicure/pedicure, sugaring/waxing, lash tint/extension, facial appointments 24-48 hours BEFORE your appointment. It is okay to wear makeup and/or lotion during your session as long as it is not oil-based. It is best to bring or wear dark/loose fitted clothing to your appointment.

When can I sweat?

We recommend waiting at least 8 hours to workout with both the express and standard tans. We highly recommend waiting 24-48 hours, if you can, as this can negatively impact your tan.

What can I wear during my appointment?

Ladies, you are welcome to wear as little or as much as you are comfortable wearing - just keep unwanted tan lines in mind! Gentleman, we request that you wear underwear or swim trunks.

Do you customize the solution?

We sure do! We work with our clients to deliver personalized services as unique as they are. We customize the Standard solution based on your skin type, hair color, eye color, and most importantly, what shade of tan you desire. With the Express solution, you customize it by your post session shower time. We will help you determine your time!

How long does my session take?

The process only takes about 15-20 minutes. The solution dries as it is being applied so you DO NOT need to wait around at all after your bronzing session is complete. If it is your first time visiting us, there is a brief waiver for you to fill out before getting sprayed, so please arrive 5 min early!

Will I have orange tones or streaks?

No! We believe, "no streaks, more streaking". Our solution is made with the highest quality DHA that is derived from sugar beets and sugar cane (instead of carrot extract). In addition, our airbrush artists are highly experienced and trained to avoid streaks and unevenness. So, don’t worry about looking like an Oompa-Loompa!

What is this 'DHA' you speak of?

The active ingredient in most sunless tanning products is dihydroxyacetone (DHA). It is derived from a natural plant source such as sugar cane or sugar beets. When applied to the skin, DHA reacts with dead cells in the outermost layer of skin to temporarily darken the skin’s appearance. The coloring doesn’t wash off, but it gradually fades as the dead skin cells slough off. You are not applying a dye to your skin. In addition to containing DHA, our sunless tanning products contain an immediate bronzer. While DHA develops a bronze color over time, the bronzer causes an immediate color on your skin. The immediate bronzer lasts until you take a shower. The color that remains is from the DHA. Voila!

Will I look natural?

We will customize a solution that will work with your specific skin tone. However, if you are new to spray tanning, we suggest opting for a lighter shade for the first session.

Will really dry skin affect my airbrush tan?

Dry skin may cause the tan to fade unevenly. (This is often more of a concern during the winter months.) If you have dry skin, we recommend that you moisturize twice a day for a week leading up to your tanning session. We suggest that you also apply lotion to dry areas on your skin before your session.

Is sunless tanning safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

The active ingredient, DHA, has never been tested extensively on pregnant or breastfeeding women. We simply request that clients ask their doctor for an approval before they book a session.

Can I get a spray tan if I have a sunburn or my skin is peeling?

This might be the one time that we recommend that you don’t get a spray tan! Wear sunscreen next time.

Will my airbrush tan protect me from the sun?

Negative. So remember to wear SPF!

Why does my face tan fade faster?

This is due to several reasons. First, facial skin is thinner than skin found on other parts of the body. The face is also more exposed to the environment and endures more frequent washing. In addition, makeup, anti-aging creams, astringents, etc. tend to break down the tan more quickly.

How long will my tan last?

This depends on several factors including your skin type, skin cycle, lifestyle, and care. It should last for the minimum of a week and has the potential to last as long as two weeks. The best thing that you can do to increase the longevity of your tan is to apply our Tan Extending Moisturizer once a day. Also, try to avoid activities that speed up your skin’s natural exfoliation process. Keep in mind that long showers/baths, hot tubs, heavy sweating, and swimming in salt water and/or chlorine all tend to dry out your skin.

Why do you recommend showering WITHOUT soap when selecting the Express tan?

It has been proven that soap neutralizes the development of DHA. We strongly recommend just a warm water rinse so that your tan is able to obtain it’s full color. If you would like to use a limited amount of soap in certain areas, that is completely fine as well.

Should I get tanned before or after my other services?

After! Sugaring, lashes, tints and facials should be completed BEFORE tanning appointments.

Should I get tanned before or after my other services?

Wear dark, loose-fitted clothing post-spray.
Avoid skin-to-skin contact and touching your skin, as you do not want the tan to transfer to your palms, etc.
After your airbrush tan, avoid swimming or perspiring until your initial rinse! Rinse with lukewarm water and do not use any product. You will see the bronzer wash down the drain. Pat yourself dry; don’t rub.
The Standard Tan will be fully developed post-rinse and you may moisturize after.
The Express Tan will take 8 hours to fully develop post-spray. With the Express, please try to wait 8 hours post-spray to moisturize.
Apply a moisturizer (that is free of mineral oil and artificial scents) morning and night after full development of your tan.
Use water-based products only. This is recommended for lotions, soaps, sunscreen, etc.
To preserve your tan, avoid swimming, long hot showers/baths, saunas, and excessive sweating.
Don’t exfoliate until your tan is at the end of its life!
If any tan gets on clothes or sheets, it should just come out with water.

It's that time of the month. Can that affect my tan?

Yes, during our periods our hormones are off which can affect your skin. So if it is that time of the month, you might see lighter tanning results!

Sugaring FAQs

Stop waxing, start sugaring.

What is sugaring?

Sugaring is a method of hair removal that has been in use since 1900 BC. This technique uses a water-soluble sugar paste to extract unwanted hairs. This substance has a wax-like consistency and color, but without the sticky resins, chemicals, preservatives and dyes that conventional “strip” or “hard” wax contains. Sugaring is also used to brighten tattoos and exfoliate your skin!

Why sugar over wax?

Sugaring is more hygienic, lasts longer, and can be less painful if done regularly. It is a natural exfoliating treatment for the skin and can lead to permanent reduction of hair growth. This process does not cause in-grown hairs, and in some cases, it can even correct them.

What is in the sugar paste?

There are only three ingredients in our sugar paste: Sugar. Lemon. Water. That's all, folks.

How does it work?

A licensed, female Sugaring Artist, applies the sugaring paste again the hair growth and then uses a gentle flicking motion to remove hair in the natural direction of the growth. Our sugar does not adhere to live skin cells (like wax) and therefore does not leave unwanted residue or discomfort.

Will my hair grow back thicker/darker?

Actually, it's the opposite! With sugaring, the hair folic becomes damaged (unlike waxing or shaving), causing the hair to grow back thinner and overtime possibly not at all.

What are the pros of sugaring?

Helps reduce the risk of ingrown hairs
Gently exfoliates while improving the appearance of skin tone and texture
Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive
Sugar paste is all-natural and hypoallergenic
Results last up to 6 weeks and if performed regularly, can lead to permanency
Hair only needs to be 1/4 inch long to be sugared
You can eat it!
The mixture is water-soluble, so it washes off with water if any residue is left behind
Sugaring is eco-friendly and cost efficient. It requires no strips, popsicles sticks for applying or any other waste that is necessary for conventional waxing procedures

What are the pros of sugaring?

We recommend that hair is at least 1/8” long for best results or about 2-3 weeks since your last shave or 1 month since your last sugaring or waxing session. Think: the size of a grain of rice. The longer the hair, the more painful the application can be. We do not trim.

How do I prep for my sugaring session?

Please arrive with clean, dry skin. Do not apply any lotions or oils before your appointment. We recommend exfoliating your skin regularly, but NOT the day before or day of your appointment. Pop an Advil if you're nervous. We also have a numbing prep add-on that we can apply before your appointment.

It's that time of the month, and I am getting a Brazilian. Now what?

No worries. Simply use a tampon during your appointment. Menstruating does not affect the sugaring process, although you may be a bit more sensitive to pain. And with the extra blood flow in the area, sometimes clients may even bruise.

What are post-sugaring instructions?

Give yourself the next 24 hours off of your typical workout routine.
Wear a baggy, breathable outfit, or spend some time relaxing at home au naturel.
Speaking of au naturel, refrain from sex for 24 hours if you sugared your pubic hair.
Tiny red spots may appear on the skin for a few hours, or even a day or so in some cases. If this should happen, do not be alarmed. This is just an indication that the hairs have been removed from the follicle and it is quite normal after a treatment. They will disappear. Our post-sugaring products (sold at Bronzed) can greatly help with this!
Keep your skin clean, cool, friction-free, product-free, bacterial and irritation-free for at least 24 hours after your service (avoid hot tubs and baths during this time).If you must exercise within the first 24 hours, take a cool shower to close your pores beforehand.
When you bathe, keep the water at cooler temperatures and run it cold at the end.
If you experience inflammation, apply cold.
After your treatment, your skin may sunburn more easily. Avoid exposing your skin to the sun and any infra-red lamp or solarium for a minimum of two days. You should not receive a treatment if your skin is sunburned.
Exfoliate 24 to 48 hours after sugaring. With sugaring, exfoliation is important to the after care process. You should exfoliate 2 to 7 times a week following your appointment.

Are tattoos okay to get sugared?

Yes 100%. Sugaring is also a great way to help brighten your tats!

If I use Acutane, Rentin-A, or other retinoid creams, is it safe to get sugared?"

We do not recommend body sugaring unless it has been a least one month since using a retinoid or six months since using Acutane.

Will sugaring cause me to breakout?

Negative. It’s hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (meaning it doesn’t block pores).

Can I get sugared the same day as my tan?

For sure! We recommend it. The exfoliation and lack of shaving will help spray tans last longer. Let you Sugaring Artist know that you plan to get a spray tan after so that they do not apply any coconut oil to your skin, as this could affect the tanning application.

What temperature is the sugar paste?

It's lukewarm and will never burn your skin like waxing could.

Is it sanitary?

Yes, the ball of sugar is only used on you, and no other client, then is discarded after that single use. Bonus: since it’s a biodegradable paste and doesn’t require application sticks.

Lash & Brow FAQs

Self-care beauty services in all shapes and sizes.

What are lash extensions?

Lash Extensions are semi-permanent eyelash extensions comprised of individual synthetic eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. The lashes are thicker at the base and taper to a fine point. They are applied to individual eyelashes, one extension at a time, for a natural, elegant look to lengthen and add fullness to the existing lashes.

What is a lash lift?

A Lash Lift is a great alternative to eyelash extensions or for clients with sensitivities. It is a low-maintenance lash solution as results lasts up to 6 weeks. Using your own lashes, a lifting lotion is used against a silicon pad to give it a natural looking "lift". These are perfect for those who have straight or downward facing natural lashes, giving your eyes and face an instant lift! You will look more awake and even more youthful! A tint is a great complement, giving the lashes an even darker appearance!

How long will my lash extensions last?

Our clients return for a fill every 2-3 weeks. You should return to a refill appointment with 40% of your lash extensions remaining for it to be considered a fill. Anything less is considered a full set, and a full set price will be charged.

How do I prep for my lash appointment?

Prior to arriving to your appointment please remove any eye make-up with an oil free make up remover for optimal bonding.

What face wash can I use after getting extensions?

When washing your face, gently cleanse around the eye area using an oil free face wash. To remove eye make-up, be careful not to rub through the lashes, a face wipe our other lint-free products are recommended.

How do I know if I can get lash extensions?

Lash extensions are for anyone and everyone. If your eyelashes are naturally straight, the retention may not last as long as naturally curled lashes, but with proper aftercare you should have no problem coming in every 2-3 weeks.

Do you fill in other lash artists' work?

If you'd like to get a fill at Bronzed but didn't get your initial full set with us, please call to set up a consultation prior to booking your appointment. If lashes were not applied correctly, we may need to remove them and apply a full set.

How do I care for my eyelash extensions?

No water contact, steam or saunas for the first 24 hours.
When showering, avoid letting water from your shower head run directly onto your lashes.
Avoid getting wet excessively, gently pat dry (don't let air dry).
Avoid hot steam (including facials).
Absolutely no mascara or eyelash curlers.
Use oil-free products. Oil can break down the bond and cause lashes to slip off.
Clean your lashes 2-3 times a week with a mixture of baby shampoo and water so the dirt, dead skin cells and oil buildup don't accumulate.
Gently remove makeup with an oil free makeup remover or cleanser (sold at Bronzed).
Use lint free products to remove makeup around the eye.
Brush and groom your lashes every morning and after showers with a dry mascara wand to maintain growth.
Use a protective eye mask (sold at Bronzed) and sleep on your back. Do not sleep on your face.
Do not pull or tug on the extensions; treat your lashes with love.
It is normal to lose 2-5 lashes a day but by following these rules you will extend the length of having fuller looking lashes.
The better you take care of your lashes, the longer they will last!

Can I still wear contact lens with eyelash extensions?

Indeed! Lash extensions are completely harmless to contacts and eyeglasses.

Can I still use lash curlers after getting eyelash extensions?

No, no, no, absolutely no lash curlers. The extensions already have a great curl.

Can I still wear makeup with extensions?

Yes, you can still wear eyeliner (NOT waterproof) and eye shadows but mascara is not allowed on your top lashes... plus you will no longer need it! Make sure to keep the lash line clean after wearing makeup.

Will extensions damage my natural lashes?

Negative! As long as they are applied correctly by a trained professional and well taken care of, the extensions will not damage your natural lashes.

Can I wear Mascara with my lash lift?

Yes, but wait 24 hours after your lift to apply. Mascara will then enhance your curled lashes for a more dramatic eye catching look, but can also relax your lift, resulting in having to come in a little sooner than usual for another lift.

How do I care for my lash lift / tint?

Do not use strong eye makeup remover for 48 hours as it may strip the color if a tint has been performed.
Avoid hot, steam showers or saunas for 24 hours after a treatment and do not wash hair, as shampoo or conditioner on the lashes/brows can encourage the color to weaken the lift to relax.
Always avoid oil-based products on the eyes and waterproof mascara. Do not rub or play with lashes.
If any irritation occurs, apply a clean cold wet pad to the eye area.

What should I expect from my lash lift treatment?

A relaxing, simple and pain free beauty procedure. Allow up to 1 hour for your appointment.

How do I prepare for my lift appointment?

A week before your lash lift appointment, stop using retinoids, chemical exfoliators, and harsh cleansers/scrubs around the eye. Don't wear make-up to your appointment. Remove contact lenses before your treatment. Tell your Lash Artist if you have an eye infection or irritation of the eye area, as treatment cannot be performed until this has cleared up.

How long will my lash lift last?

This lash lift treatment is there to curl your natural lashes and keep them curled for up to 6 weeks, depending on your individual hair growth cycle, lifestyle and aftercare. The best way to enhance and compliment this procedure is to have your eye lashes tinted at the same time, thus creating more depth of color.

How should I care for my brow tint or henna?

Wait 24 hours after having your brows tinted before washing your face.
Avoid oil based moisturizers, face washes and any oil based face products for it will break down the tint faster.
Try to avoid using makeup remover on your brow area, but if you must, choose a makeup remover that's gentle and alcohol-free.
Condition your brows with castor or coconut oil.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Glow. Fluff. Smooth. Sparkle. 

What is the difference between cosmetic teeth whitening and having my dentist whiten my teeth?

The biggest differences are the lights and gels used. Dentists are allowed to use Laser lights and Plasma lights; we are not. Dentists are also allowed to use higher concentrated gels which requires them to do multiple visits to see results. We can do it in just one session!

How do I prep for my appointment?

Prior to arriving to your appointment please brush your teeth like any other day and avoid eating/drinking staining drinks/foods.

How can I prepare if I know I have super sensitive teeth?

We would recommend using Sensodyne a few weeks before coming in. Pro Tip: Almost 99% of people have sensitivity to whitening strips, so that doesn't mean you will be sensitive to the gels!

How do I care for my teeth after the treatment?

Put the red wine down. Refrain from having staining beverages/foods for 24-48 hours after!
Try to follow the White Diet!
Wait 1 hour before eating or drinking (water is allowed).
Use Sensodyne if you experience sensitivity. You can even coat your teeth with this and sleep with it on.

Who should not undergo teeth whitening treatment?

You can get your teeth whitened unless:
You are pregnant or lactating.
You have dead teeth.
You have veneers or caps or silver fillings.
You have flurosis, receeding gums, exposed roots, acid erosion, enamel, gum disease, decaying teeth.
You are allergic to peroxide.
You are under the age of 14. You have braces or had them removed within the last 6 months.
You recently had oral surgery.

Will teeth whitening damage my teeth?

Nope! Teeth whitening is safe for most unless you have severe dental issues. See the answer to the question "Who shouldn't undergo teeth whitening?".

How long will my teeth whitening last?

The results can last anywhere from months to years! Two key factors are your habits and the porosity of your teeth (this means how the pores in your teeth take to the whitening gel)! The more you stay away from staining foods/drinks, the longer it will last!

What type of gels are used?

We use both Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide during our treatments.

What are the potential risks of teeth whitening?

The potential risks are gum irritation, lip irritation, tooth sensitivity and technicolor teeth. We try our absolute best to avoid these and have Vitamin E swabs if the gel gets anywhere besides the teeth.

What type of lamp is used?

We use Blue LED lamp. This does not heat up or cause your mouth to get hot. It simply activates the gel.

Will it hurt?

No it will not! The process is very quick and only takes 15-20 minutes per session. The lamp does not get hot. Bonus: we can stream your latest Netflix obsession.

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