Lash Love: Aftercare Tips for your Lash Extensions

Hey Lash Babes

So, you've just treated yourself to our Lash Extension *Special*, and you're ready to flaunt those fluttery lashes. But wait – to keep those beauties looking fabulous, you've got to show them some love. Here are some quick aftercare tips to make sure your lash game stays on point!

Gentle Cleansing is Key: Cleanse your lashes with a gentle, oil-free lash cleanser (available for purchase at Bronzed). A baby shampoo works wonders too! Gently brush through them with a spoolie to remove any makeup or debris. Clean lashes = happy lashes.

Hands Off!: Avoid the temptation to play with your lashes. Keep those fingers away! Touching them can transfer oils and break the bond between the natural and extension lashes. No one wants a premature lash farewell, right?

Skip the Oil-Based Products: Oil is not your lash extension's BFF. Say no to oil-based makeup removers or skincare products near your eyes. Opt for water-based alternatives to keep those lashes in tip-top shape.

No DIY Removal: If a rogue lash decides to go solo, resist the urge to pull it out. Book an appointment at Bronzed for a professional touch-up. Trust us; it's worth it.

Regular Touch-Ups: Lashes shed naturally, and you'll want to keep them looking fresh. Schedule regular touch-ups at Bronzed to maintain that flawless lash look.

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Protect While Sleeping: If you're a wild sleeper, consider a silk or satin pillowcase. They're gentle on your lashes and reduce friction, helping them stay put.

Be Mindful During Workouts: Sweating it out is great, but try to avoid direct contact with your lashes. Pat them dry gently if they do get a bit damp. And afterwards, cleanse with your lash cleanser or baby shampoo (see above re: gentle cleansing).

There you have it! Follow these simple aftercare tips, and your lash extensions will stay luscious and stunning for weeks.

Remember, happy lashes, happy you!  And BOOK NOW.

Keep rocking those gorgeous lashes.


Your Bronzed Babes

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