Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Lashes at Bronzed

Hey Babes!

Let's talk lash extensions at Bronzed - the secret to instant glam! Whether you're a classic, a hybrid, or a volume babe, we've got you covered and are here to explain the differences!

Classics: Effortless Elegance Perfect for a natural, everyday look. Classics add subtle length and thickness, ideal for any occasion.

Hybrids: Best of Both Worlds Mixing the grace of classics with the drama of volume, hybrids offer a stunning middle ground for a textured, fuller look.

Volume: Va-Va-Voom Glam For those craving some lash drama, volume lashes are all about bold, beautiful lashes that scream glamour. Perfect for a night out!

Not sure which to choose? No worries! The lash artist experts at Bronzed will guide you to the perfect fit for your style.

BONUS: For the month of January, get a full set of lashes, and get 50% off your first lash fill!

Book your lash transformation at Bronzed and get ready to slay!


Your Bronzed Babes

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