How to celebrate YOU this Valentine’s Day

Hey, babes! Happy February

We just wanted to remind you that regardless of the connotation that is attached with V-day, you don’t need a partner to celebrate. In fact, more power to those that are on their self-love journey, and are falling in love with themselves! We know it is much easier said than done, just know we're rooting for you!

Self-love is all about enjoying the qualities that make you, you! Use this Valentine’s Day (and everyday, of course) to celebrate yourself for all that you are! The importance of loving yourself through all your phases is key to a happy fulfilling life

How-to have your best Valentine’s day yet (single, or not!):

Start the day with your favorite cup of coffee (or tea) in your favorite mug (P.S our adorable boob mugs are restocked (⊙)(⊙))

Burn a relaxing candle (sold at Bronzed😉)

Spend some extra time doing your skincare routine, with your favorite products! (we the Strawberry Rhubarb products from Eminence Organics!)

Having a skincare routine may seem laborious, but is essential for your skin’s health! An established routine catered to your skin type, will make all of the difference in how you feel + glow :)

Get yourself your favorite flowers, succulents, or even eucalyptus to add to your shower (great for that at-home-spa feel) Show yourself the same love you’d want to receive

Book the self-care appointment you’ve been meaning to fit into your schedule! We have a Valentine’s day special…. Only $120 for a Vagacial + Standard Tan  (normally $155) or get that lash fill! Nothing like a fresh set to make you feel brand new :)

Do what empowers you; here’s some categories we recommend you should try to nurture!

  • For the mind; mental health is just as important as physical health. Affirmations, meditating, reading, painting, journaling, whatever it is that makes you feel good.
  • For the body; any sort of movement releases serotonin! Practice yoga, put on your favorite playlist and dance, go for a stroll around the neighborhood, try a new workout class, or even simply stretching before bed will work wonders :)
  • For the soul; don’t forget to rest- sometimes we just need to recharge. Take a nap, put your phone on DND, set time to reset!

Relationship status aside, this holiday is not a measurement of your self-worth! Seize your solitude. Make time for self-care a few times a month if you can, not just the special occasions! By embracing your solitude, implementing self-care, and continuing your self-love journey, you will likely love Valentine’s Day from here on out. Cheers to you!

XO, Bronzed

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