Ear Piercing with a Needle: Why It's Cool and Safe

Hey there, piercing babes! If you're thinking about getting your ears pierced, you've probably heard about using a needle instead of a gun. Well, we're here to spill the tea on why this traditional method is the way to go and why it's the only method we offer at Bronzed Denver. Let's dive in!

Why Needle Piercing Rules:

  1. Precise and Perfect: Needles are like the artists' brushstrokes of ear piercing. They create clean, accurate holes with pro-level precision.
  2. Easy on the Pain: Needles tend to be gentler than piercing guns. Quick and controlled, they minimize the "ouch" factor.
  3. Less Drama, Less Trauma: Needles cause less tissue damage compared to guns. Say goodbye to potential issues like keloids or excessive scarring.
  4. Germ-Free Zone: Professional studios always use fresh, sterilized needles. No worries about infections - they're super rare!

The  Process:

  1. Prep Party: The piercer cleans up, gloves on, and marks your piercing spot. Safety first!
  2. Clean Sweep: Everything used is thoroughly sterilized, ensuring a germ-free zone.
  3. Needle Time: A swift poke, and voilà - you've got a new piercing!
  4. Bling it On: Your piercing artist pops in your chosen jewelry, and you're ready to rock!

Remember, always trust a pro for this job. Safety first, babes!

Happy Piercing! ✨

xoxo -

Your Bronzed Piercing Babes

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