Why you deserve a Bronzed Facial

Who doesn’t love a peaceful hour of getting pampered??? Too often, we make excuses for why we don’t have the time to treat ourselves!

We make time for doctor, dentist, and vision appointments, but won’t take an hour out of our week to treat ourselves. Why is that?

We often convince ourselves we don’t “deserve” to treat ourselves to a spa day. Well, let us tell you, everyone deserves help relaxing - especially in an uninterrupted, cozy environment. One of our favorite services to provide the utmost relaxation is facials!

Aside from the physical benefits of facials, which we’ll get into - let’s talk about the emotional benefits as well!

Technically speaking, a facial is short for "facial massage." Body massage has always been well-known as a great way to relieve stress and assist in relaxation, because of the positive physiological and psychological effects.

Facial massages are known to significantly decrease anxiety and negative moods, by increasing sympathetic nervous activity - providing strong, beneficial effects of stress alleviation and psychological relaxation.

Psychological Benefits

1. The spa-experience offers time to be mindful. For many guests, their time at Bronzed is an opportunity to relax and unwind. This may include unplugging to take a break from technology and focus on the present moment of getting pampered. The relaxing music, and maybe even the glass of wine before your facial, and essential oils all contribute to a relaxing environment to truly unravel after a long day.

2. Not only does the massage aspect of facials promote circulation, but also promotes emotional release of tension or negativity that may have been pent up over-time.

3. Spa treatments increase self-esteem and overall confidence! Getting regular facials improves complexion, reduces unwanted impurities and target problem areas. Having regular facials will improve skin health, which can increase your self-confidence- which is exactly what we want to do for you!♥

Physiological Benefits

1. Facials reduce overall facial congestion - the massage aspect relaxes muscles and stimulates lymph nodes! This then results in the assistance of lymphatic flow, getting rid of stagnant fluid drainage. This is a perfect service to treat yourself to, especially this time of year!

2. Facials promote circulation - Massage therapy improves general blood flow and massage is a standard part of a facial treatment. So a facial= circulation, which= healthy, vibrant skin!

3. Facials prevent aging - Though aging is a natural part of life that is unavoidable, you can avoid dry skin and early onset wrinkles. Facials help in detoxifying the skin, and removing unwanted dead skin cells that are causing irritation.

4. Facials at Bronzed are curated for you! Upon arrival, our expert estheticians will ask about your skin type, any problems you’re having, and what you’d like to address. The facial is then curated exactly for you, and if interested - products that are beneficial for your skin type are offered at check-out! That way you can keep your skincare regime up at home.

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XO, Bronzed

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