The Lowdown on Vagacials

Yoni, is sanskrit for vagina and the traditional yoni steaming has been practiced for some time now in countries such as Asia, Africa, and Central America. It originated in aiding in the balancing of hormones, vaginal rejuvenation after birth, and re-connecting you with your feminine identity. Now that’s great and all but we’ve come quite a ways away from that in developing our custom Vagacial, and I think you’ll see our protocol has a little more science and practicality behind it.  

Why would you even get a Vagacial? Well, we’ve found that it improves the skin down under quite a bit when consistently coming in for hair removal services. Waxing can be harsh and quite irritating on the skin when doing hair removal as it the resin in it does adhere to live skin and exfoliates it. The temperature of it may also cause some irritation for skin more on the sensitive side. We do provide hair removal services here at Bronzed Denver. Receiving Vagacials regularly with your hair removal service can help reduce dark spots from scarring, folliculitis, in grown hairs, irritation, and redness. Our professional skincare line Eminence is also being used and is an organic, cruelty free, paraben free, and sulfate free line. The service is only performed on the pubic area and on the bikini line so that any imbalance or sensitivity can be avoided.

Diving in deeper, I’ll go over our why and how. We perform a double cleanse to reduce oils and impurities. The two cleansers we have selected from Eminence are anti-bacterial, astringent, and aid in brightening any dark spots that may have been caused from scarring. Lactic acid is going to help brighten the spots and gently resurface the skin. There is a small enough percentage in the cleanser which makes it safe to utilize with hair removal services. Using steam prior to the hair removal aids in opening pores and softening the skin. Our light exfoliant and toner combo also assists in opening pores, softening the skin, releasing impurities, ingrown hairs, and brightening dark spots as well. When the skin has successfully been softened by raising the pH of it, removing hair should be a bit easier on the client. We also include essential oils in our warm towels to reduce any cramping or bacteria that may cause any further breakouts. Moving on to post hair removal, we utilize some cooling products in the masking and moisturization process to reduce redness, irritation, and again the chance of any breakouts.

As time goes by, your frequency of appointments reduces and hair growth along with follicle size reduce. We usually advise appointments to be every four weeks and to allow at least three to four weeks of growth so that all of your hair has grown in. This provides you, the client, with the best results possible; otherwise, touch ups may be required. We do have touch up services available for those of you who may need to come in a week or three weeks out for any growth that may not have been present at the time of the service. Hair growth should be about the size of a grain of rice, any longer than that, trimming should be happening. If the hair growth is too long, it can cause matting and make the service more painful for you and difficult for the practitioner. After hair growth is visibly thinning out, your appointments may be booked out further and further but to begin with, four weeks out is a great place to start.  

Here at Bronzed Denver, we provide education first to build you from the inside out but we also enjoy a good time. Sorry but not sorry for all of the vagina puns, here’s the last one and it goes out to all of our beautiful guests we see day in and day out. Cliterally, Bronzed Denver has the best clients ever so go and book your Vagacials now at .

In the meantime, keep your kitties pretty and your panties out of bundles. Here, you’ll always find wine and good times.

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