Sugar and Save the Planet

Sugaring is for the Earth  (and your skin) 

Hi earthling babes! 

Did you know April 22nd was Earth Day? This year’s Earth Day theme is “Invest In Our Planet."

At Bronzed, we care for the planet one sugaring appointment at a time! Not only is sugaring hair removal better for your skin than waxing, but it’s also better for the environment.

Green facts about sugaring:

  • It’s a paste made of just lemon, sugar, and water (hello, biodegradability!)
  • Sugaring applications do not require using waxing stripes or wooden sticks
  • Sugaring can be removed with warm water VS chemicals needed to break down wax

We did the math to show you the environmental difference Bronzed made by offering sugaring hair removal in 2022 (thanks to every guest who chose to be sugared by us). 


  • 13,980 wooden popsicle sticks equivalent to 4 football field lengths (almost as tall as a CO 14er) 
  • 17,087 feet in waxing strips equivalent to 380 school buses
  • 327 lbs of wax from the landfill equivalent to 2619 bars of soap

We appreciate your support of our business and our planet.


Bronzed Babes

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