Springing into Skin Care & Self Care!

Hey, Denver babes! One of the best seasons of the year is upon us☺️ With that being said, schedules are obviously becoming busier than ever! More consistent sunshine is good for the soul, and even better basking in it with others. This is exactly why more self-care is more important than ever. It's so common this time of year that self-care can quickly fall by the wayside during this busy season, as social calendars fill up and life feels like it’s back in full swing overnight.

After spending winters mostly indoors, how could we not feel inclined to enthusiastically agree to all the plans? We’re social creatures by nature, but getting overstimulated/ overbooking ourselves is too real- and should be recognized more! Feeling the need to be everywhere at once may start to feel overwhelming, especially if we’re making more time for plans- and less time for taking care of ourselves.

Fortunately, by the time summertime rolls around, the days are longer- giving us more opportunities to take care of ourselves. Balance is good, babes. Take these extra long days as an opportunity to tune into yourself and focus on what you need to feel the most supported and happy/healthy throughout the busyness of the season.

Just as your self-care routine can change day-to-day to better support your needs, the season can affect how you care for yourself as well. So, if you’re ready to soak in all that summertime has to offer while also prioritizing yourself- keep these tips in mind to help you feel your best both inside and out☺️

  • Designate weekly alone time to unplug from technology, and plug into self-care! Nobody needs to be easily accessible to everyone, especially 24/7. FOMO will inevitably happen, but the future version of you will thank yourself for taking the time to reset and recharge. Your mental health (and liver😉) matters more than the third bottomless mimosa brunch plan this week!
  • What you consume is ultimately what your mind will be full of! Try listening to an uplifting podcast twice a week on your walks, or starting a new show that makes you laugh. It really is the little things.  [You should check out “On Air With Ella | Mindset & Motivation” (on Spotify)!]
  • Plan a relaxing trip with that person you can always feel comfortable/ not overwhelmed with. Sometimes cocktail parties/ events with meeting new strangers can be a bit draining. Grab your mama/ and unplug for the weekend in the mountains, the beach, or here at Bronzed (wherever you feel your best!)

Speaking of, the entire month of May we have a deal you just can’t beat! FREE Jelly Mask add-on with any custom facial PLUS another FREE enhancement add-on of your choice (up to $60 Value!)

For those wondering, “what the heck is a Hydro Jelly Mask?!”- We got you! These masks we carry are refreshing and beneficial for all skin types. The best way to describe a Hydro Jelly Mask is that it’s a “jelly-like” consistency type of mask that provides the skin with several benefits such as; hydration, moisturizing, washing, exfoliating, cooling, toning, and inflammation reduction- all in one! One of the most apparent benefits of using jelly masks is the instant boost in hydration that you’ll instantly see and feel!

Here at Bronzed, we offer multiple different types of HydroJelly Masks, and our estheticians would love to give you a skin consultation to figure out what mask will be best for your skin type! This peel-off mask option can assist in lifting away skin impurities when removed, leaving behind clear & bright skin- free from blockages and blemishes! Come try it out for yourself for a glow your skin will love, and obviously- don't forget to invite mom!

For a full list of our facial enhancement add-ons + descriptions, head on over to https://www.bronzeddenver.com/denverfacials for more info!

Can’t wait to treat you, and your mamas!

XO, Bronzed

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