Spring Glow-Up 101

What’s up babes, it’s officially Spring! ♡

This new season is the perfect time for a full glow-up!

As often as the term “glow-up” is tossed around, there’s much more to it than just appearance. (Though that does wonders for confidence/ mental well-being, too!)

Truly... whatever you want to call it -- glow-up, reset, self-care takeover, etc. the root of a "glow up" is rooted in the mind above all else. All of the hair, nail, and lash appointments definitely can release that much-needed serotonin this time of year, but the inner work is what genuinely contributes to the fuel that’ll get ya through this season feeling happy/healthy, and onto the next!

Turn your space into your self-care sanctuary!  

One way to start to feel that sunshine on the inside is to take a look at the environment around you. Many people suffer from the very common “depression cave” (as some like to call it) as a result of the previous winter season. Your space tends to be a reflection of how you feel, so- some spring cleaning definitely will do you well.

If your energy is there; open the windows, let some fresh air in, and get to decluttering- maybe even rearranging furniture will make for a nice change in scenery! Less can be more, same as your skin routine ;) Coming home to a minimalist space may help clear your mind after a long stressful day. Seriously, the last thing you’re going to want to come home to is that pile of clothes you’ve worn once, even though you've been convincing yourself you'll wear them again for that oneeee occasion. Go through and sell them, or donate them to a women's shelter! Get rid of clothes you don’t wear but are holding onto- especially if it’s one of your ex’s hoodies ;)

Creating an area you can retreat to when you feel overwhelmed or stressed after a long day, will do wonders for your mental health.

Making space where you can take a break in and de-stress from the day is a game-changer. This can be a place to take time to focus on yourself and your mental glow-up- silence your notifications, and put energy back into yourself! Fill this space with things you love; your favorite words of affirmation, the snack stash, a journal to keep notes of your thoughts, and some new plant babies! (You can snag some at Bronzed.)

Get outside, bestie!

As warmer days approach, try to spend some time out in the sun. There is endless research to show that a lack of Vitamin D is not great for anyone's mental health. Vitamin D is proven to improve your mood, and who doesn't love an outdoor brunch with the besties or walk around the block with your furry friends? (And if the sun isn't out, consider taking actual Vitamin D supplements!)

Self-Care DAY, baby!

If you can’t tell by now, Bronzed is huge on self-care days! We would love to get you on our books to have you feeling your best. And good news for you- April’s self-care package is a Platinum Teeth Whitening + a Custom Airbrush Tan for $180! What’s better than a fresh glow and some sparkling white teeth? Save $50 by purchasing this package. Click here to buy now (scroll down to packages).

You’ll never regret putting energy into yourself, and your overall well-being; it’s essential to a good life :)

Can’t wait to treat you.

XO, Bronzed

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