Henna Those Brows

Unaccompanied, henna is a plant based dye that will only stain the skin in shades of burgundy or red. However, our henna is made in shades of blonde all the way to black and is also vegan and cruelty free. These other shades are achieved by adding other herbs to the henna powder. With the option of several different shades, we are able to custom mix the perfect brow color for anyone!

The formula contains a high amount of active herbs and also contains herbal medicine to effectively stimulate hair growth. Due to this, it is highly recommended for people who want to rebuild their eyebrows or stimulate dormant hair follicles.  Indian gooseberry extract, contained in the henna powder, contains fatty acids that strengthen the hair follicles, while also giving the hair a smooth, shiny, and beautiful appearance. The extract also contains vitamin C, which can aid in preventing premature graying. Indian gooseberry extract conditions the hair, while reducing problems with flaking of the epidermis, thus preventing the natural drying effect of henna. The skin will stay stained anywhere from two to four weeks and the hair should stay tinted for up to six weeks, results may vary pending skin and hair types. Powder henna only stains the epidermis cells, so it exfoliates with it, and thus the retention time varies by client.

Before, during, and after henna application.

So what’s the difference between getting your brows tinted with henna versus a stain or a tint? The primary distinction is going to be that a tint or stain will generally require a peroxide or ammonia based activator. These may cause irritation, especially for those with sensitive skin types. Henna will traditionally stain the skin longer than a dye or tint as well. Due to this, you receive a tattooed or bolder looking brow than you would with a tint as it has the ability to fill in areas where hair has possibly stopped growing. Henna also provides a protective coating over the hair and hair shaft that creates a buffer. This gives the hair a thicker, softer, and smoother appearance. If that doesn’t have you sold to make the switch, say no to chemicals and toxins! The average woman puts up to 200 chemicals on her skin through cosmetics, perfume, and skincare products. Sixty percent of chemicals we apply, eventually make it to our liver.

Henna is an all natural, organic alternative to tints and dyes and it’s healthier for your skin and hair. It’s also more likely to last longer than your usual tint or dye.

Here’s the process, and we promise it’s a pretty quick one!

  1. We’ll cleanse your brows and skin to ensure there are no excess oils to prevent the henna from providing you with the best results.
  2. After that, we’ll consult with you on where you’d like to be at color wise and if there’s anywhere you’d like to be more filled in.
  3. We will then mix up your color and apply it in the desired shape best suited for you.
  4. We will apply the henna in layers as it dries to get a more concentrated and even pigment.
  5. Afterwards, we’ll wipe them down with some water and you’ll have picture perfect brows for the next four to six weeks!
  6. The whole process should only take around 20 to 30 minutes.

Following your appointment, there are a few do’s and don’ts. We will advise that for the next 24 hours you avoid touching the area where the henna was applied, washing the area, direct sunlight, saunas or extremely hot and long showers, oil based product, and applying brow makeup. This will provide you with the best results following your appointment. Pre-booking your next appointment around four to six weeks out will also help keep you up on maintaining those gorgeous brows as well. Please contact us at 720.984.1472 with any other questions. We hope to see you soon at the Bronzed Denver Beauty House!

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