Do you have a Masque Routine?

Masques are nothing new to skincare but seem to be making a comeback as of lately. In this month's blog, we’ll talk more about how you can mix things up with your masque routine by masqueing  overnight, how to use your masks, and a little masque mixology as well!

Let's learn about the different types of Masques! Cream based masques will provide hydration. Clay based masques will remove impurities and detox. Gel based masques will tighten and hydrate. Stimulating masques are going to promote circulation and oxygenate the skin (these and exfoliating masques are not recommended for overnight treatments), and exfoliating masques are great for resurfacing along with removing dead skin cells. Using a masque once or twice a week is recommended and should follow cleansing, toning, and applying a facial essence. These steps help prep the skin to better allow product penetration and absorption of active ingredients; include your neck and décolleté when applying the masque. Your neck tends to age twice as fast than the face does. Leave your masque on for 10-15 minutes for optimal results. Using a clean damp cloth to remove your masque generally is the best. For extra fanciness, damp your towel and then heat in your microwave for a minute or two! You can not masque enough!

The main purpose of masqueing is to target specific skin conditions and it is one of the most effective ways to treat the skin. Masqueing overnight provides benefits such as extending the time for the active ingredients to work. Generally, a masque will have a recommended leave on time of 10-15 minutes but, extending its time on the skin will improve your results as the masque will have a longer time to work its magic! Combat Colorado's dryness by leaving your masque on longer -Trans-epidermal water loss peaks at night (dehydration), especially in low humidity environments. This technique also locks in moisture and those active ingredients we mentioned before. Masquing overnight also provides a protective barrier against impurities: such as dirt, dust, and other toxins floating around - girl, wash your pillowcase (weekly)! Cell renewal and regeneration actually peaks at night, unlike our hydration, so leaving your masque on will help boost your turn over rate and leave you with radiantly repaired skin! Even if a masque isn’t designated as an overnight treatment, you may still utilize certain masques as so.

When it comes to mixology, we have a couple different methods: layering, blending, multi-masking, and using two masques consecutively. You’ll have to take into consideration the consistency of your masques when blending or layering. With layering, you’ll want to use two masques that compliment each other. (No worries here, your nearby estheticians at Bronzed Denver are more than happy to discuss which ones would be best for you to use; stop by or call for quick answers!)

One of my favorite masques to layer is the lime stimulating masque. Use it over any of our other masques to add stimulation and Vitamin C. My favorite combo is probably going to be the Firm Skin Masque and then layering the Citrus Kale C + E masque over the top. You’re going to get a firmed and plumped up, bright glowing face afterwards!

When blending masques, use about a quarter size amount of each and a few drops of water to blend together. Remember, you’ll want to choose masques with similar or complementary textures. I find that I like to blend the Bamboo Firming Masque in with the new Snow Mushroom & Reishi Masque. It’s great for revitalizing dry or fatigued skin and it feels divine as well. Plus, our Bamboo Firming Masque is going to have a natural retinol alternative in it as well!

Multi-masking is easier than multitasking. Just use the masks you want in the areas that need it! The Balancing Duo masque is great because it's 2 in 1. You can utilize the charcoal masque in your t-zone and the pomelo hydrator in your cheek and neck areas. This masque is amazing because it also can be used as a partner masque- his and hers.

Lastly, we have consecutive peels and I’ll usually cut my time in half for each one since I’ll be using two masques (i.e. instead of 10 minutes with one masque, splitting it up to five minutes for each masque). A great duo to use is going to be our Lime Stimulating Masque and the Yellow Sweet Clover Anti-Redness masque. This is going to stimulate and oxygenate the skin and then cool things down and repair the skin with the secondary masque. You can also substitute the Clear Skin Masque for the Yellow Sweet Clover to help cool things down a bit more, as it has Tea Tree and Calendula in it to aid in calming and cooling the skin down.

One last tip/trick for your masques is going to be spot treating. The Advanced Acne masque is one of my favorites to spot treat with as the red clay in it creates a skin tone coloration and it’s easy to apply several times a day with the encapsulated salicylic acid- even under or over makeup! This masque helps keep the skin from becoming irritated and will continue to resurface the skin. This is able to be done up to three times a day but if any itching or burning begins to occur, stop all treatment immediately.

Stop in at our downtown Downtown location to take a glance at all of our masques and to speak with one of our experienced estheticians. We would be more than happy to help you pick out any product best suited for your skin. Please contact us at 720.984.1484 or by emailing us at with any questions or concerns that you may have! Happy Masqueness!

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