Bronzed Retail -- Our New Favorite Studs

If you're coming in for an ear piercing at Bronzed, you will want to check out our latest obsession -- these stainless steel stud earrings!

These tiny cartilage studs, with designs like small snakes, stars, moons, balls, butterflies, hearts, eyes, and flowers are flat-back stunners.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. Stainless Steel Coolness: These earrings aren't just pretty faces; they're tough cookies. Stainless steel means no tarnish, no fuss – just long-lasting shine to keep you dazzling.

2.  Tiny Cartilage Studs – Size Magic: Meet your new besties – the 20G studs that give you all the cool without screaming for attention. Perfect for any piercing, they're the Goldilocks of earrings, just right for a touch of glam.

3. Party of Designs:

  • Small Snakes: Channel your inner mystery and edge with these serpent charmers.
  • Stars and Moons: Embrace your cosmic side with starry nights and dreamy moons.
  • Balls of Fun: Timeless balls that go with everything, from jeans to that party dress.
  • Whimsical Crew – Butterfly, Heart, Eye, Flower, and More: Express yourself with butterflies, hearts, eyes, and flowers. Mix, match, and flaunt your unique style!

4. Mix it Up: Grab a set and mix those designs like a DJ at a party! Switch up your vibe daily – it's like having a whole jewelry collection in one.

5. TLC for Your Studs: These babies are easy to care for – just a gentle wipe with a soft cloth and mild soap. Toss them in a cute jewelry box to keep them safe from scratches.

So, look no further and elevate your casual glam with these tiny wonders – the life of the earlobe party! 🌟👂✨. We cant wait to see you!


Your Bronzed Babes

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